The problem with fashion magazines is not that they are deceiving us, it is that they are underestimating us. We want to know the latest eye makeup trends. We also want thoughtful journalism and literary writing. The world’s a closet full of stories that have not been styled or photoshopped or whitewashed. Look inside your own wardrobe. The dress that you won’t give up on. The jewelry inherited from a loved one now gone forever. The desires and disappointments, the mothballs and memories.
Laundry founding editor Shahnaz Habib in “The Ladies Finger”


Laundry is a literary magazine about fashion.

Fashion is shorthand for all the ways in which we represent ourselves to the world. It’s the intersection of identity, fantasy and anthropology. Laundry wants to expand the conversation about how we invent and reinvent ourselves through our appearances.

We want creative nonfiction, literary fiction, photo essays and art that celebrate fashion in all its complexity and playfulness, its variety and diversity, its ability to speak about identity and subversion, personal aspiration and collective longings.

Laundry is more interested in the wardrobes of everyday stylish people than those of celebrities. We want to explore slow sustainable fashion. We want profiles of craftspeople who are keeping clothing traditions alive and artists who are engaging provocatively with fabric and jewelry.

We want to hear the stories that are hanging on your laundry lines.




Founding Editor

Shahnaz Habib lives in Brooklyn, where she writes fiction, nonfiction, and outrageous rent checks. She has been published in the Guardian, Brevity, Elsewhere, the New Yorker online, the Harvard Divinity Bulletin, the Caravan, Afar, etc. Her awards include a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, a writing residency at La Muse in southern France, and the British Council India’s National Poetry Award. She collects watches, and is always running late.

Managing Editor

Roohi Choudhry is a 2015-6 New York Foundation for the Arts fellow in fiction and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan. Her writing has appeared in the Kenyon Review, Callaloo, the Normal School, and the Rumpus, among others. The loves of her life are thrift store coats, perfect black eyeliner, and handwoven silk saris. She would give her kingdom for beautiful shoes that will let her walk miles without complaint.

Consulting Editor

Jeremy Lehrer is an editor, writer, and humorist who loves clothing that combines beauty and functionality, as in a bright orange Martin Gordon snap-button corduroy he auspiciously found at an upstate New York store, or in a double-breasted wool sweater he purchased at Reiss, a favorite place to shop post-season when things are on sale. He is not someone inclined to sew back on buttons. His motto: "Let the cuffs fall where they may."

Designer, Developer

Shiva Muthiah is a user experience designer who builds tools to help people collect, analyze and synthesize vast quantities of information. Also an amateur naturalist, he is inspired by the synchronicities and frictions between technology, design and the natural world. Out of his life-long love of noir, he's recently taken to wearing a jaunty fedora.

My closet has enough veils, plumes and glitter to outfit the entire cast of Swan Lake; furthermore, I have tinted my hair every color chemicals have to offer, and have never stepped out of the bathroom without my eye makeup.
— Isabel Allende, My Invented Country



Banner image courtesy Wonderlane